Our Mission

The mission of Juarez-Lincoln Elementary School is to enable all students to become lifelong learners, to enable all students to become critical thinkers with the ability to analyze and learn from grade-level text, solve real-world math problems, and write academically to explain their understanding and knowledge. To become effective communicators and lifelong learners who are ready to take their place as leaders and full participants in our global society.

Our Vision and Values

Juarez-Lincoln Elementary School supports the belief that learning is a lifelong experience, which extends beyond the school environment, enabling individuals to reach their highest potentials. We value the diversity represented in our community and support the acquisition and maintenance of the primary language and culture of our community. We believe all children possess the ability to learn and we, therefore, value intelligence(s), interests, prior knowledge, family culture, first language, and children teaching other children. We believe that children learn best when they are involved in meaningful and relevant activities that are exciting as well as challenging and encourage students to deepen their understanding about the world around them.

Juarez-Lincoln Elementary School creates and maintains a physically and emotionally safe, orderly, and supportive learning environment in which students are able to explore, take risks, appropriately challenge authority and expand their skills as they become independent learners.